Swainson's Hawk

Swainson's  Hawk

Buteo swainsoni 

Description: 18 -22" A large, long-winged hawk with longer more pointed wings than most hawks, soars with wings in shallow V, even brown upperparts, white below with warm-brown breast, tail banded and brown  Habitat:  Plains, prairies, arid regions. Nests in shrubs and trees near wetlands and drainage ditches or in windbreaks in fields. Often seen perching on fence posts and telephone poles along the road. Quite tame. 
Nesting: 2 or 4 white eggs unmarked or light brown spots, on a large clump of dead foliage and sticks in an isolated tree Range: breeds from Alaska across western US south to Mexico, winters chiefly in tropics but also in Florida
Voice:  long, drawn out plaintive whistle, kreee Diet: mostly small vertebrates, snakes, voles, insects, birds 
Notes: Huge flocks in migration soar to tremendous heights on thermals of warm air, then glide down for great distances to next thermal, gregarious
When present in Oklahoma: abundant throughout state during summer months, sparse in winter

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